Leading online newsroom development company Wieck Austrasia has launched its second survey in order to gain further insight into what the media wants and what public relations practitioners provide.

Wieck first conducted its extensive survey comparing the two fields in 2013 and uncovered an alarming disparity between what PR operators are providing against what the media now requires.

According to CEO of Wieck Australasia, Warren Kirby, the 2014 survey aims to build on last year’s data and expand on the knowledge gained.

“I think it’s extremely important to understand where the industry is going and what the media expects,” said Warren Kirby.

“The 2013 survey was a resounding success and provided a clear indication of elements that are vital to journalists in the way of multimedia - especially images and video.

"This year we hope to expand on what we learnt from last year’s results in order to ensure communications professionals can gain a better understanding of what the media expects and how they want it.”

Wieck newsrooms are designed to aid PR departments in disseminating news efficiently and incorporating elements the media requires, including: imagery, videos and audio files.

Data from the initial Wieck survey indicates the PR sector has not adapted in the most effective way to the drastic changes of the media landscape of recents years.

Last year’s survey indicated that the PR industry isn’t keeping pace with the changes in media caused by changing technologies and dramatic staffing cutbacks," said Mr Kirby. 

"I'm strongly believe the data we collect in the 2014 survey will echo the results of last year."

Wieck Australasia encourages all public relations practitioners to complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PRvsMedia2014 before October 1 to provide valuable input as well as have the chance to win a brand new iPad mini.

For Further information or a link to the media version of the survey contact:

Warren Kirby